"Steven Malcolm" by Steven Malcolm

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"This is me telling my story because the best way to reach somebody is to relate to them," he suggests. "We've all lived life, we've all had good times, we've all had bad times, we've all had struggles and triumphs, trials and tribulations. The things I'm saying and the stuff I've gone through can relate to anybody. And musically, you just gotta make that stuff thump bro. Everything about it musically just has to understand what's poppin' and what's happening in the culture of hip-hop right now. I love trap music, I love East Coast hip-hop boom bap music, I love Southern Atlanta music and I love radio music. I also listen to reggae 'cause I'm Jamaican. I love it because the foundation of reggae music is all about unity, peace and love. It's just knowing what's relevant and really going in and just killing it."

The evidence comes throughout virtually every shift in style throughout Steven Malcolm, starting with the lead single "Hot Boy," an immediate anthem destined to light up the charts as quite possibly this year's answer to Fetty Wap's instant cultural cornerstone "Trap Queen" (or if Steven has his way, anything Travis Scott ever touched). "It's funny 'cause I had a girl ask me what's a 'Hot Boy?' when we were in the studio," he remembers. "And basically what I want people to take home is whatever you're passionate about, whatever it is that you do, there has to be a burning hot passion inside of your heart to really excel and be the best that God has created you to be. I feel like if God has given you a gift and you're just using it in a mediocre way or giving mediocre potential to it, it's a waste of that talent. There has to be a fire in your heart to really excel and be the best you can be at it."

Other standouts include "Cereal," easily the most comical, catchy and completely autobiographical ode to Captain Crunch and company since alternative rockers the Newsboys served "Breakfast," along with the uplifting "Never Let You Go," a collaboration with former Group 1 Crew member turned soulful solo star Blanca. Though most of the tracks are recorded solo under the direction of all-star production duo Cobra (Joseph Prielozny and Dirty Rice), Steven is also quick to give a shout out to Hollyn and Andy Mineo, who are both guests on one of his favorites. "Another track that's super dope is 'Party In The Hills' and it's gonna be big because it's a super energetic West Coast track," he asserts of the latter triple team. "We should be thankful for even waking up everyday, but also always set out to accomplish our goals and really go hard to the point where we start seeing the fruit."

Track List:

01. Hot Boy

02. Fire (feat. Papa San)

03. Party In The Hills (feat. Andy Mineo & Hollyn)

04. Six Four

05. Leh Get it (feat. Pyrexx)

06. Vigorous

07. Feel Me

08. What Was You Thinking

09. Cereal

10. The Struggle (feat. Scootie)

11. Waiting Games (feat. Tasan)

12. Can’t Take My Dream (feat. Joey Jewish)

13. Never Let You Go (feat. Blanca)

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